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Željko Peratović UNCUT

Partnership for Social Development is representing yet another project that aims to expose detailed insight into the circumstances that have impact on the social processes - Integrityobservers UNCUT; a video which documents the opinions of witnesses about time, events, social phenomena and people, without any intention for the media to regulate awareness and consciousness of the audience.

The specificity of the UNCUT format is that the statements of the collocutor are displayed in chronological order as they are spoken and without "cutting", montage and manipulation of the content in a way that would suit the editor. The opinions expressed in the Integrityobservers UNCUT are the attitudes of the collocutor and do not represent attitudes of the Partnership for Social Development.

Integrityobservers UNCUT is starting to change trends in the public dialogue, moving away from the common practice of the information manipulation in order to make it suitable for certain groups, and at the same time seeking for the information that is an integral part of the comprehensive truth about the subject.
In order to be adjusted for the distribution via Internet, the stories are being published in sequels due to the interviews duration.

In the first series of Integrityobservers UNCUT, the guest is Željko Peratović; former prominent journalist of the at the time leading daily and weekly newspapers in Croatia – Vjesnik, Nacional, Globus, and today one of the most popular bloggers. In this exclusive and thorough interview that will be published in five sequels, Peratović is saying farewell to the journalism and giving an overview of the past two decades of his career, carrying out an insight into the events and exposing the 'games behind the scenes' that the public did not have a chance to see in any media clip in Croatia, so far. In the first part, Peratović is talking about times of war, censorship, politics and wounds that the political influence imprinted on journalism in times of war.

The first sequel of the interview is available here: 
Ova web stranica izrađena je uz potporu Europske unije i
Veleposlanstva Švicarske Konfederacije u RH.

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