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Executive Board

The Association’s Executive Board is composed of the Association’s employees. Members of the Association’s Executive Board are:

Munir Podumljak, Executive Director,
Munir has an extensive experience (20+ years) of working in the civil sector as a manager, trainer and consultant on the topics of anti-corruption, policy analysis, advocacy, general management, project management, strategic analysis and planning, public outreach and public relations, organisational assessment, integrity assessment and institution building. He managed and participated in more than 40 projects in the field of anti-corruption and human rights, anti-trafficking and anti-organized crime in 15+ countries. Currently working as the leader of the research team in Croatia for the ANTICORRP (largest research project on corruption in Europe funded within the FP 7), as well as expert in the PwC’s network of the Local research correspondents for EU Anti-corruption report. In his analytical work concerning the anti-corruption efforts, he especially revised the links between the conflict of interest and state capture, between corruption and public procurement, the connection between public procurement and economic crisis, as well as the distribution of funds to local governments or State Owned Enterprises. Together with the Ministry of Economy, Directorate for Public Procurement, Mr. Podumljak participated in the design on the new Croatian Public Procurement Act which is one of the most advanced procurement legal instruments in Europe. He as well designed Integrity Assessment/Self-Assessment Tool which was implemented in collaboration with Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia, and he designed the database for monitoring of integrity in public procurement in Croatia that will be launched in the March 2013 within the EU funded ACRIP project.

Sandra Gajić, Director of Finance,
Sandra has a Bachelor degree in Economics and over 18 years of professional experience in the field of finances. She has extensive experience on public finances, finances of non-profit organizations, money movements from the state and institution budgets in general, as well as “reading” of financial statements of legal entities and assessment of financial management systems. She is an expert in case-based analysis in the field of financial intelligence and as such has took part in negotiations with the Ministry of Economy in drafting the new Public Procurement Act. She does research, statistical analysis and report writing on local and state budgets, as well as research and analysis of public procurement procedures, fund allocations, expenditure reports and reading company statements. She is an expert in the analysis of the non-profit organizations financial management and acts as Assistant Researcher in the ANTICORRP and PwC’s network of the Local research correspondents for Anti-Corruption report.  She as well is part of the Integrity Assessment team for implementation of the Integrity Assessment/Self-Assessment tool of the PSD with a special emphasis on the public procurement part of the tool. She as well often acts as trainer for the financial management for non-profits.

Ana Hećimović, Policy Researcher, 
Ana has a Master in Journalism. In the last 4 years she has focused her work on research and assessment of policy impact and analysis of relevant cases of corruption. In particular, she analyses policy impact and measurement of the policy implementation; data collection on the real cases, analysis of media reports on cases, analysis of the relevant official statements and indicators and their compliance with the adopted policies. Together with the case-based analysis, she conducts evaluation of policies in the field of fight against corruption and she took part in the negotiations and drafting on the Public Procurement Act in Croatia, as well as in the monitoring of its implementation. She as well acts as Assistant Researcher for the ANTICORRP project and as Assistant Researcher for the PwC’s network of the Local research correspondents for Anti-Corruption report. She is as well part of the PSD’s Integrity Assessment team for implementation of the PSD’s Integrity Assessment/Self-Assessment tool.

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